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Elding Reykjavík Whale Watching

Elding operates whale watching tours from the Reykjavík harbour all year round. Elding offers you a chance to see some of the 20 different cetaceans in their natural habitat, with your own eyes! The two mixing currents and the long summer daylight combined with the depth of the bay makes it extreamly favourable feeding area for whales. During the summer months, birds will migrate before our very eyes and give us treats of playful banter amongst themselves. Humpback whales, minke whales, white beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises are the most common sea animals we’ll run into.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend warm clothing such as hats and gloves but you also want to bring your sunglasses and a camera 🙂

Please Note

On board we offer warm overalls, raincoats and blankets, but we strongly recommend to dress warmly as the arctic wind at sea can be chilly, even on the warmest days.