About Iceland

Looking for the unexpected? Iceland is an ideal travel destination for those seeking the extraordinary. With an incredible array of vibrant landscapes and breathtaking views, Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Refreshing natural hot springs, Northern Lights, hiking, Icelandic horseback riding, whale watching, glacier walks, ATV and helicopter tours are just a few ways to enjoy this mountainous island nation.

The Icelandic culture is rich and varied with proud Viking roots. The settlement of Iceland began in the second half of the 9th century, as Norse settlers migrated across the North Atlantic Ocean. Icelanders have a long-held respect for nature and the elements and enjoy a sophisticated European culture steeped in age-old traditions. The mix of ancient traditions and new trends along with its unparalleled natural beauty are what make Iceland so unique and special!

Browse our website for an unforgettable Iceland tour of your choice. Each tour page has all the available information you’ll need including detailed descriptions, departure dates, itineraries, pricing and more.  Most tours, activities and excursions include pick up at your hotel or guest house at no additional charge. Furthermore, many tours include meals and admission to attractions, providing more convenience and allowing you to focus on what you want to see and do.

Activity tours are usually smaller groups exploring one particular outdoor activity, sometimes on foot, boat or 4×4, and these include both day tours and multi-day tours. Excursions are bus tours that are typically somewhere between a sightseeing trip and an activity, where you are taken in luxury to one or several Iceland travel destinations and, depending on the excursion, you can be as active as you wish or just enjoy the amazing sights. Excursions typically include travel to and from a destination (or several) in a modern, luxurious bus. You can book your tour online, call us or reserve via email.

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