About ITM – Tourist Information

About us

ITM-Tourist Information is a free information and booking service supplied by Icelandic Mountain Guides, and was the first Tourist Information office in Reykjavík to be independently accepted into Vakinn, Iceland’s Quality and Safety Standard system.

Since 1987, people from all over the world have been visiting ITM for expert advice about what to do and which places to visit during their Iceland visit

Our focus is on quality, safety and environmental sustainability, and we seek to promote partner companies who support these values. We especially promote those companies who are in Vakinn, so that you can be assured of excellent service.

Our Partners

The companies we book with are carefully chosen by us. We offer a variety of tours and activities, and our staff try out and experience the tours we work with. We prefer Vakinn Quality Standard operators. We primarily work with guests already in Reykjavik, so we can be flexible planning according to upcoming weather but we have also added a selection of our most popular tours to this site for you to book in advance. We never charge any booking fees.

Northern Lights

You’ll notice that we don’t offer advance bookings for Northern Lights tours via our site. The weather in Iceland is so changeable that tours are often cancelled at the last minute. We feel it’s best to choose your Northern Lights trip on the same day, so please just drop into our office when you are in Reykjavík; from 1700 (5pm) daily we will let you know which tours are confirmed.

We look forward to meeting you!

Opening hours

All year09:00 - 19:00
June, July and August09:00 - 20:00