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ITM_aboutUSBANNER ITM-Tourist Information office is located downtown in Iceland‘s capital city. We have been here in Reykjavik for over 25 years, giving guests advice on up coming weather and local conditions, and helping them to make their selection from the increasingly large range of tours available. Basically we make dream holidays!

The companies we work with are carefully chosen by us according to their professionalism and standards. We’ve been on all the tours that we recommend, and we prefer those who are accredited by Vakinn, the Icelandic environmental and quality standards accreditation system. We offer variety of tours and activities, from easy sight seeing tours to challenging climbs, from horse riding, whale watching and glacier walking, from jeep tours to dog sledding. We work with both well established and up and coming companies, and offer tours in large and small groups. We primarily work with guests already in Reykjavik, and help them to finalise their plans but we have also added a selection of our most popular tours to this site for you to book in advance; we don’t charge any booking fees.

You’ll notice that we don’t offer advance bookings for Northern Lights tours via our site; the weather in Iceland is so changeable that we feel it’s best to choose your Northern Lights trip on the same day and we offer up to date advice every afternoon on the evenings prospects.

You can meet our current staff here, and also in real life in our downtown Reykjavik office. You are also welcome to drop us a line via email – we’re here to help make your time in Iceland the trip of a lifetime.